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We based BondSavvy in 2017 so extra particular person buyers may gain advantage from the earnings, capital development, and relative security particular person company bonds can present.  Few buyers benefit from proudly owning company bonds and, as a substitute, favor bond funds, shares, and even — yikes — cryptocurrency.  We imagine some great benefits of company bonds are too necessary for buyers to miss; nevertheless, it is necessary buyers additionally perceive company bonds disadvantages.

Company Bond Benefits and Disadvantages

This bond investing FAQ article shouldn’t be a gross sales pitch.  We first focus on the benefits company bonds have vs. bond funds, municipal bonds, and shares.  After reviewing company bonds benefits, we then focus on company bonds disadvantages.  Not all the disadvantages apply to the opposite asset lessons, which is why we focus on company bonds benefits and drawbacks individually.  

Based mostly on the data we current, readers can resolve whether or not proudly owning particular person company bonds is smart for them.

Company Bonds Benefits

The easiest way to judge company bond benefits and drawbacks is to check company bonds to different asset lessons throughout key funding concerns.  In Determine 1, we evaluate particular person company bonds to bond funds, municipal bonds, and shares. 

We consider every asset class throughout 5 standards: 

  1. Safety of principal
  2. Safety of earnings
  3. Increased potential funding returns
  4. High quality monetary disclosures
  5. Pricing transparency

A ‘thumbs up’ in Determine 1 means an asset class compares favorably to the others, whereas a tragic face signifies the alternative.  For instance, safety of principal and earnings are robust throughout company bonds, bond funds, and municipal bonds however much less so for shares.

Particular person company bonds are the one asset class to obtain a thumbs up throughout all 5 standards, as proven in Determine 1.

Determine 1: Company Bonds Benefits vs. Different Asset Lessons


Company bonds benefits: Safety of earnings

Many buyers evaluate dividend yields to bond yields and imagine they’re the identical factor, however they aren’t.  Firm dividends may be lowered or eradicated at a second’s discover.  This occurred within the wake of Covid-19, as many blue-chip firms both stopped paying dividends or considerably lowered them.

These firms included a few of the largest firms on this planet equivalent to Boeing, Disney, Royal Dutch Shell, and GM.  Throughout these troublesome Covid occasions, all of those firms continued making their bond coupon funds.

Sure, there may be instances when a company bond issuer defaults; nevertheless, these defaults typically happen in higher-risk issuers — not Boeing and Royal Dutch Shell.

Safety of earnings throughout mounted earnings investments

Whereas mounted earnings investments present greater earnings safety than shares, there are some variations throughout company bonds, municipal bonds, and bond funds.

The safety Traders proudly owning particular person company bonds and municipal bonds will rely, largely, on the creditworthiness of the bond issuer and the variety of bonds held in an investor’s portfolio.  As you would possibly anticipate, a 10-bond portfolio crammed largely with high-yield company bonds would have a decrease stage of earnings safety than a 30-bond portfolio containing bonds of upper credit score high quality.

Given they will personal hundreds of bonds, sure bond funds and ETFs can have the next stage of earnings safety than a smaller portfolio of particular person bonds.  

Company bonds benefits: Safety of principal

Company bond issuers have an obligation to pay bondholders the par worth of a bond on a bond’s maturity date.  Sure, bond costs can nonetheless go down (as many have in 2022); nevertheless, this obligation offers principal safety not supplied by shares.  

For buyers in company bonds, muni bonds, and bond funds, it is necessary for buyers to not imagine ‘safety of principal’ implies an absence of potential volatility.  As now we have seen in 2022, sure bonds equivalent to Apple 2.55% 8/20/60 (CUSIP 037833EA4) and Wal-Mart 2.65% 9/22/51 (CUSIP 931142EV1) had fallen over 40 factors once they reached all-time lows on October 24, 2022.  

Such paper losses can happen in company bonds; nevertheless, the specter of everlasting capital loss remains to be typically low.  [As with income security  …………………………..

Disadvantages of Corporate Bonds

While corporate bonds advantages are significant, new corporate bond investors must go in with their eyes open and be aware of the risks and disadvantages.  

Some corporate bonds have limited trading activity

Corporate bond investing has come a long way from the 1970s and 1980s, when most bond trades were done over the phone, and investors had little idea on whether they were getting a fair price.  In our Where to Buy Bonds article, we discuss how corporate bond trading for individual investors is primarily conducted online in a competitive and [__________] setting.

Whereas company bonds commerce on-line by means of brokerages equivalent to, Schwab, E*TRADE, and Schwab, there may be occasions when buying and selling exercise — and the quantity of dwell bid-offer quotes — may be restricted.  A key cause for that is that, on any given buying and selling day, there are roughly 9,000 particular person company bonds obtainable on on-line brokerages.  Since buying and selling exercise may be unfold throughout such numerous bonds, there may be bonds that do not commerce day-after-day.

When BondSavvy makes new company bond funding suggestions, we consider a bond’s buying and selling exercise and quantity of dwell bid-offer quotes (the “depth of e-book”) to make sure the market can accommodate the brand new order move our bond suggestions create.

Company bonds may be unstable

Many individuals hear the phrase “bonds” and routinely assume they’re investing in one thing that’s super-safe.  Whereas company bonds should return to their par worth on their maturity date (assuming no issuer default), for sure bonds, it may be a rollercoaster trip.

The Federal Reserve’s unprecedented rate of interest hikes in 2022 have proven buyers how bond costs can fall in an excessive situation.    

Some company bonds may be extremely delicate to actions in US Treasury Yields

As we focus on in our company bond credit score spreads weblog publish, company bond costs actions may be pushed by quite a lot of elements.  BondSavvy seeks to determine bonds issued by firms with robust financials which have compelling yields and costs relative to their threat.

Funding grade company bonds may be extremely delicate to actions in US Treasury YTMs.  Typically occasions, bond buyers can spend money on a bond issued by a fantastic firm with robust financials solely to have a bond’s value fall as a result of rising US Treasury yields.

After all, the alternative can occur, as, when US Treasury yields fall, funding grade company bonds can have a big tailwind.

[Show long term corporate bond price charts]

Company bonds may be closely impacted by bond rankings upgrades and downgrades

Whereas there are numerous benefits to proudly owning particular person bonds vs. bond funds, the overwhelming majority of company bonds are nonetheless held by institutional buyers equivalent to bond mutual funds, bond ETFs, insurance coverage firms, and pension plans.  Bonds held by these entities are sometimes decided by bond rankings, as many of those funding automobiles have restrictions on proudly owning bonds under a selected company bond score.

When company bond rankings are downgraded from funding grade (Baa3 / BBB- and better) to under funding grade, pressured promoting can happen as sure institutional funds need to promote the downgraded bonds.  It’s a smaller group of buyers that may personal excessive yield company bonds, so these value drops can typically be vital.

That stated, these “fallen angels” bonds can typically be compelling funding alternatives, as many excessive yield company bonds can have stronger financials than many bonds with greater bond rankings because of the many flaws of company bond rankings

Company bonds aren’t at all times a bond issuer’s most senior debt

Whereas company bonds are senior to widespread and most well-liked inventory issued by an organization, there may be debt that’s senior to an organization’s unsecured bonds.  This is usually a massive situation within the occasion an organization information for Chapter 11 and the corporate can not fulfill all of its obligations.  This occurred when JC Penney filed for Chapter 11 in 2020.  It had a big stage of financial institution debt that was senior to the corporate’s unsecured bonds.  When the corporate emerged from Chapter 11, the senior debt had practically full recoveries however the firm’s unsecured bonds have been largely worn out.

In every new BondSavvy company bond advice, we assessment an organization’s capital construction to find out whether or not any debt is senior to our beneficial bonds.  Sadly, this evaluation shouldn’t be at all times fool-proof, as, after a brand new advice, an organization can incur debt that’s senior to our bonds.  

In such a situation, our bonds may be downgraded by the score businesses given their newly discovered junior place within the firm’s capital construction.  Such downgrades could cause bond costs to fall.  If an organization has a robust enterprise and is working nicely, senior debt is 

Company bond costs have ceilings

Since bonds contractually pay bondholders the par worth of a bond at maturity, their upside is proscribed.  Whereas company bonds can improve considerably in worth, it is uncommon for bond costs to achieve 150% of their par worth.  That is very totally different than a inventory, which might improve with no upward sure.

Along with bonds paying their par worth at maturity, many company bonds (specifically, excessive yield company bonds) may be redeemed (“known as”) by the issuer previous to maturity.  These name costs are typically between 101.50 and 107.50.  Since excessive yield company bonds are usually topic to name schedules, their pricing upside is commonly lower than that of funding grade company bonds, that are typically topic to bondholder-friendly “make-whole-call” provisions which can be seldom invoked previous to maturity.

[Insert chart?????]

Inventory buyback binges can benefit stockholders over bondholders

Maybe one of the vital troublesome issues to return to grips with as a bondholder is the seemingly endless fascination of firms with inventory buybacks.  Whereas bonds are presupposed to be senior to widespread stockholders, these huge buybacks typically appear as if the alternative is true.

Inventory buybacks can create a flooring underneath a inventory value and may, at the least over the quick time period, create a bounce in a inventory value.  This is usually a good factor for short-term stockholders (like so-called ‘activist’ buyers) and executives trying to execute inventory possibility grants.

Sadly, these buybacks s can typically put firms right into a pickle within the occasion a enterprise underperforms.  The poster youngster for ill-fated firm inventory buyback binges is Mattress Tub & Past, which purchased again $12 billion in inventory between 2004 and 2022.  When Mattress Tub bumped into operational efficiency points in 2022, it needed to hurry to boost senior financial institution debt to fund operations.

Mattress Tub now has debt that’s senior to its unsecured bonds, which, together with the corporate’s week latest monetary efficiency, precipitated sure firm bonds to fall as little as 10% of their face worth.  The corporate, in October 2022, started effecting change provides for its bonds…….  

Had Mattress Tub not backed as much as the truck to its buyback machine, it may have

Wrap up

There are a lot of benefits of company bonds relative to different investments.  Particular person company bonds provide buyers robust returns however with much less draw back than shares.  They provide larger transparency than bond
funds and ETFs, as you realize exactly the safety wherein you might be investing and may make investments in accordance with your threat tolerance and funding returns
aims.  When you personal a person company bond, you pay a price whenever you purchase it and for those who promote the bond previous to maturity.  This price
construction can provide appreciable financial savings to the recurring charges buyers pay when investing in bond funds and bond ETFs.

We imagine there may be far larger monetary reporting transparency for company bonds in comparison with municipal bonds, as company bond issuers are required
to report their monetary efficiency quarterly and produce other reporting necessities when materials occasions happen on the firm.  Municipal bond
issuers have far much less stringent monetary reporting necessities.  Taken collectively, we imagine buyers can higher assess the worth of a company
bond than a municipal bond since there’s a far larger stage of economic data obtainable to company bond buyers.  This presents alternatives
for company bond buyers to realize robust capital appreciation, and, in consequence, after-tax returns that may exceed these of municipal bonds.

Please click on right here for an in depth comparability of the benefits of particular person company bonds vs. municipal bonds.

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